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CECINAS PABLO, a family company founded by Pablo Barros de Arriba in 1991, is currently consolidated in the national and international market.
The origins of Cecinas Pablo go back to Cárnicas Pablo, a butcher’s in the downtown of Astorga that Pablo Barros de Arriba opened together with his wife Ángeles Cordero. Since they could not find traditionally made cecina and other cured meats, they started producing them in the basement of their establishment. They wanted to rediscover the traditional process of salting and curing cecina the way it was done in the villages of the area in the old days. The “word of mouth” did the rest.
Soon, the consumers interested in buying “cecina made like it was in the old days” arrived in Astorga from different places outside the Province of León.
In 1993, Cecinas Pablo started its activity as a brand in the new facilities. Since then, as a result of the constant growth in both domestic and international markets, the plant has undergone two extensions.
Cecinas Pablo is currently one of the leaders in the market of the Cecina. Furthermore, we produce a whole range of Serrano and Ibérico hams, traditional sausages and specialties of the region. It is a company focused on innovation. An example of this is the recent creation of products such as Cecina and Ibérico ham pâtés or the trimmed pieces of Cecina for an easier consumption in the Horeca. In 2009 Cecinas Pablo was the first company to innovate with a traditional product as Cecina, elaborating the Cecina pâté.
From the first moment it was a bestseller. Several retail chains included it in their catalogues. Currently we launched new innovations as the sliced Cecina with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the chorizo Maragato with cider for cooking in the microwave or some new Cecina Fusion Pâtés, mixed with quince paste, chocolate of Astorga or Valdeón cheese.
We sell our products all through the Spanish territory, where we work with the main retailers and where Cecinas Pablo is considered a benchmark in the meat industry for quality products. We have always been an export-oriented enterprise, an effort that has been even more important in recent years with the opening of new markets not only in Europe, where our sales are mainly concentrated (especially in markets like London where it causes great acceptance the chorizo Maragato for cooking) but also in other countries as Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Dominican Republic or Hong Kong. In order to be able to reach international markets, BRC and IFS certifications were obtained in 2011 being again pioneers within their sector. These certifications are the highest standards in quality and food safety. Cecinas Pablo is also included in the Lista Marco, a list that authorizes the companies on it to export to many countries with special requirements. Recently we have also achieved the Halal certification for Muslim markets.
Cecinas Pablo is now considered a benchmark in the food industry of quality products and thus has been recognized several times in national and international markets.
As a result of the improvements in our products and our constant searching for higher quality products, our Cecina was awarded in London a GOLD Great Taste Award in 2006. Two years later, in 2008, we obtained another Great Taste Award, this time for our Maragato Pork Loin.
In 2013 we obtained the Great Taste Award for our chorizo Maragato for cooking, and the La Posada de Castilla y León awarded us for the best food project in the province of León.
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CECINAS 4 Faithful to the traditional customs, we produce our cured meats, cecinas and hams as they were made in the old days in the villages and towns near Astorga. The special importance we give to the quality is reflected in a traditional and careful process, always selecting the best ingredients.
A work well done, the maintenance of the traditional elaboration despite the use of latest technology, and the quality of all our meat products, are essential for the success of the company and to maintain high standards of quality in our products.