Certificates and awards

In 2005 the Department of Quality of Cecinas Pablo achieves the first private certification for the Cecina obtaining the Applus 3 seal (Spanish Leading Institution for Quality Control), a seal that certifies that we use no additives in the elaboration of our cecina, only the best beef meat and salt.

Certificado Cecina de Vacuno

In order to reach the international markets in better conditions, in 2011 we obtained the BRC and IFS certifications again being pioneers in the sector. These certifications are the highest European standards of quality and food safety.

Certificados BCR e IFS

In 2012, we obtained the Halal certification and by the end of 2013 we launched to the market our first pieces of Halal Cecina, in response to a growing consumption demand.

Certificado Halal

As a result of the improvements in our products and our constant search for higher quality products, our Cecina was awarded in London with the Gold Great Taste Awards in 2006. Two years later, in 2008, we obtained another Great Taste Award, this time for our Maragato Pork Loin.

In 2013 we received a Great Taste Award for our chorizo Maragato for cooking. The British have a weakness for this product. Its reputation crossed borders and it is common to see people eating sandwiches with our chorizo in Borough Market in London.

Premio Great Taste Awards

Finally our last success has been the La Posada de Castilla y León recognition, awarded by the newspaper El Mundo in its edition for Castilla y León. The award recognizes the pioneering role played by Cecinas Pablo elaborating sliced Cecina and transforming it into a spreading pâté.

Premios Posada Cecinas Pabloc