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Cecina parts


Considered by many the most succulent piece, the stifle is an oval-shaped piece that has a small bone in it. Due to its shape, it is the easiest to clean. Its soft texture makes it the most suitable piece for culinary preparations as stuffed rolls or cylinders. The weight of each piece is 4-6 kilos, already cured.



The silverside is a piece formed by the center of the silverside and the eye of round. It is the biggest piece, weighing more than 8 kilos, already cured. It is the tastiest part. Due to its texture and marbling, similar to ham, it is the restaurants’ favorite piece.



The topside is a conical and flat piece. Due to its flat shape, we can make the most of this piece. Each piece weighs 6-8 kilos, already cured. Its texture and taste are between the Stifle and the Silverside.