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Traditional elaboration

Cecinas Pablo is popularly known as “the best cecina in the world”

The selection of ingredients is a very important point of Cecinas Pablo’s success: we select only the best parts of the veal leg. Cecina is the flagship product of Cecinas Pablo, for which we have been widely recognized.
No additives, no artificial colorants
At Cecinas Pablo we only use adult cows for the production of our cecina, which guarantees high levels of infiltrated fat or marbling and results in a succulent cecina. The ingredients used are: adult beef meat and salt, with no additives or artificial preservatives.

Following tradition
Faithful to the traditional customs, we produce our cured meats, cecinas and hams as they were made in the old days in the villages and towns near Astorga. The special importance we give to the quality is reflected in a traditional and careful process, always selecting the best ingredients.
At Cecinas Pablo, the curing process is slower, because we work only with high quality beef legs, we do not force the curing process with salt, so only natural and traditional techniques are used. This allows us to get a high quality, best tasting gourmet product.

As well as this, the climate in Astorga is characterized by very cold winters and long periods of frosts, where altitude plays a very important role. This allows us to produce our cecina in the traditional way, as it was made in the old days in the villages of the region.